A brief on gun control, (trans)gender ideology

By Darryl E Berry Jr

Male, Female, Are Not Identities (and Are Not Interchangeable)

There’s no such thing as a trans person since humans cannot and thus don’t change sex/gender. (Sex and gender are essentially the same thing, contrary to gender ideology’s indoctrination.) Therefore, a “transwoman” is a still man, and a “transman” is still a woman, however they dress or identify or alter their appearance or what have you, and no matter how many people can be tricked or coerced or bullied into saying otherwise.

“Shall not be infringed”

It seems the Founding Fathers learned some things, having dealt with a tyrannous regime. Gun laws/control are unconstitutional and tyrannous – and sets the stage for future tyranny. Therefore, people are colluding to bring about the slavery of others or being manipulated to bring about their own slavery.

Someone who lived under Communist tyranny gives us a firsthand example that what I say is true (Yeonmi Park is another one who relevant experience to share):

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