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Realizing the Shape Show by Darryl E Berry Jr

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Moderator Rules & Application

Thank you for your interest in being a moderator on my Realizing the Shape by Darryl E Berry Jr talk show. Here are the basis and rules for being a moderator, so that you can decide if the position is for you, and so you can help ensure the environment and culture that I am fostering and developing. Be sure to check periodically for any changes in the policy.

Show’s Purpose

The purpose of Realizing the Shape by Darryl E Berry Jr talk show is to share my ideas and writings and perspective, to forward my research, education, and development initiative on the topics of interest to me, to foster discussion on these various topics of interest, and to progress truth and knowledge and awareness. Thus, your moderation of the channel and show must be in line with this purpose in order to be a moderator.

Moderation Parameters

All views on the topics at hand are welcome in my channel, including in the live chat as well as on the video and channel comments, as long as they are communicated in a basically respectful way.

1) If someone makes a rude or disrespectful verbal assault in the live chat the response should be to hide or delete that particular comment, and to warn the poster to be respectful. Note that contrary views, different perspectives, and comments someone simply doesn’t agree with aren’t considered disrespectful or rude. But baseless name-calling, slander, racial slurs, and the like, are not acceptable on my channel. Such comments made in the comments section the response should be to hide the comment(s) so I can review later.

2) The second incident by the same poster the live comment should be deleted and the poster should be silenced for 300 seconds. Please alert me to the fact that this person has been warned a second time and silenced.

3) If the commenter continues in live chat after silenced then please inform me, and I’ll make a decision on whether the person should be blocked from commenting on my channel. If a poster continues making such comments in the comment section I’ll likewise make a determination of banning the person from the channel.

Anything other than these scenarios the comments should be allowed.

Moderator Attitude

It’s important that as a moderator that you refrain from rude, slanderous, or disruptive comments, or silencing different viewpoints just because they are different or unwelcome. As a moderator on Realizing the Shape by Darryl E Berry Jr talk show your purpose is to help maintain a civil and cordial environment.

Apply Here

Thank you for looking into being a moderator. If you would like to be a moderator on the Realizing the Shape by Darryl E Berry Jr talk show, and you can maintain these standards, then please fill out the following brief application to be considered:

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